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Assembly Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
Job Skills: Familiarity with non-standard equipment, non-standard equipment assembly or Japanese-owned factory work experience is preferred;
A mechanical structure, electrical aspects of professional knowledge, strong hands;
Independent product assembly debugging;
Good communication skills, team spirit, strong learning ability, innovative spirit, strong sense of responsibility, able to endure hardship;
(1) strict implementation of the production process, subject to the company's work and do the production process records;
(2) by step process card requires specific workstation product assembly and commissioning work;
(3) strictly follow the technical documents, work instructions content operation, quality, high efficiency;
(4) found that product design defects, make recommendations for improvement of products;
4554 8434-8 | 144 9221 7278 25 (5) strict compliance with the management system (safety, environment, tools, materials, etc.)

Comprehensive Clerk

Outstanding graduates can receive
Good image and temperament
Use office software, serious and responsible, clear, flexible and hard working, easy-going personality.
Learning ability, we have experience in the PCB industry and procurement priorities
Dedication, unity, good communication and thinking, strong hands.
Benefits: Social Security-end awards
4554 8434-8 | 144 9221 8069 9726 8 hours a day.